(image: GuideBase.com)

New GuideBase Pairs Skiers with Guides

Munich, Germany – A new booking platform launched earlier this month that allows skiers to find certified mountain guides, ski instructors and customized mountain tours online for all mountain sports and activities.

Based on the model of successful online platforms like
Airbnb, Munich-based startup GuideBase.com is pioneering a means to directly bring together adventure-seekers and certified mountain guides. Whether you want to experience some backcountry skiing or take an alpine tour of Mont Blanc, GuideBase has you covered.

(image: GuideBase.com)
(image: GuideBase.com)

GuideBase stresses that safety is of utmost importance: only professional state-certified IFMGA mountain guides, ISIA
certified ski instructors, or ski schools with similarly verifiable certifications are allowed to offer their
services on GuideBase. In its first 10 days, over 300 IFMGA mountain guides and certified ski instructors from around the world signed up on GuideBase. A personal profile shows every guide’s level of certification, description, spoken languages and more.

Clients can search for guides and instructors by activity or location. Did it dump last night? Last-minute bookings are now possible. Prospective clients can chat directly with guides using the built-in GuideBase Messenger, and booking is possible using all common methods of online payment. A GuideBase smartphone app is available to use on the go, and an open, mutual review system helps alpine enthusiasts easily and precisely find the right guide, even at a personal level.

Using the GuideBase website and app is free, and it takes less than a minute to open an account. More information is available at GuideBase.com.

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