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Topics of a general nature regarding snowsports, which don't easily fit into one of our other Liftlines categories. This is also the place to post Letters to the Editor.
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Re: Economic Reminder

Wed Mar 19, 2014 9:13 pm

Tony Crocker wrote:A Mammoth day ticket in 1978 was $12. The CPI calculator says that's $43.21 in today's $. A regular season window ticket at Mammoth is $99 in 2014.

On Mammoth Forum someone quoted a 1992 season pass at $750. The CPI calculator says that's $1255.07 in today's $. The Basic MVP was $659 for this season, and $100 more if you wanted the half price tickets at the other Mountain Collective areas.

jojo_obrien wrote:Just look at what Mt Baldy did over the last 10 years......with the birth of the internet and $100 season passes, the place became a zoo...........

No more of a zoo than on big snow year weekends in 1979 and 1983 IMHO.

seriously? have you seen baldy on a powder day in the last 3 years....chair #1 snaked down past the ticket booth almost going down to the parking lot.......come to think of it...the design of the old main chairlift at goldmine was reminiscent of the #1 chair lift at baldy....................

side note:
i skied a LOT of night skiing at snow valley in the 80's.........we would have fun watching the seemingly never ending red snake on the highway and enjoying the NOx enhanced sunsets over mt san antonio......

Re: Economic Reminder

Thu Mar 20, 2014 12:09 am

jojo_obrien wrote:have you seen baldy on a powder day in the last 3 years

There hasn't BEEN a Baldy powder day in the last 3 years. :evil:

But yes, taking an hour or more to get through the ticket and chair 1 lines, that's nothing new on a big day. One area that has actually improved at Baldy is snow clearance of the road. Baldy village is in L.A. County and the ski area is in San Bernardino County. There used to be delays in road opening after storms like Waterman. By the early 1990's this problem was fairly well fixed.

What's worse now is the number of snowplayers on the access road and the potential for an accident to delay a couple of hours getting out of Baldy at the end of the day.

jojo_obrien wrote:i skied a LOT of night skiing at snow valley in the 80's

Snow Valley was a big player when I started skiing in the late 1970's but is a bit player now. Same issue as Mt. High, not enough water for snowmaking, but it seems to have hurt them more.

Re: Economic Reminder

Thu Mar 20, 2014 6:43 pm

For low ticket prices and zero competition for freshies, may I recommend West-Central Montana? Over 3.5 out of 4 no-competition powder days at Lost Trail Powder Mountain, Discovery and Lookout Pass (2/27 - 3/2/14), we never spent more than $39 for a ticket.

When we purchased our lift tickets for Discovery at our hotel in Philipsburg on the morning of Friday 2/28, the owner apologized that she would have to charge us weekend rates because Discovery defines Friday as a "weekend" day. She then proceeded to charge us $30 a ticket. My mind was so blown I forgot to ask what "weekday" tickets might have set us back.
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