Extreme ski movie "Eclipse" by Salomon Skis FreeSkiTV

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Extreme ski movie "Eclipse" by Salomon Skis FreeSkiTV

Postby Tony Crocker » Fri Nov 20, 2015 2:36 am

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Subj: [SEML] Ski movie filmed during Svalbard eclipse

The extreme ski movie "Eclipse" by Salomon Skis FreeSkiTV is now released at http://freeskitv.salomon.com/en/episodes/eclipse

And behind-the-scene perspective is at http://freeskier.com/stories/cody-towns ... vs-eclipse

This film won best snow sports film at the Banff Film Festival. This is terrific outreach to young people and the community of extreme sports enthusiasts and shows that chasing eclipses is a passion for everyone, not just astronomy geeks.

Impressive photography indeed:


The movie has some polar bear shots along with skiing before the eclipse.

Svalbard has noteworthy backcountry skiing. Ice Axe Expeditions, with whom I went to Antarctica, goes there in May/June sometimes, also based on a boat. March at 78 degrees latitude is another story. The skiers in this film were camping for two weeks under severe conditions.
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