Skiing: A Life to Live

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Skiing: A Life to Live

Postby Chris Smorul » Sat Oct 27, 2001 7:50 am

Well, its a month later and still no one has come to say hello. Perhaps with everything that is going on right now in the country, no one really is thinking about skiing in the same way as last year at this time. I know one thing for certain, to let these murders scare anyone from going out and see a ballgame, go to a movie, ski, etc. is only giving them what they want. They wish to disrupt our lives to a point where we are scared to go out and do the things that we are so used to doing. I, for one, am not going to let these evil S.O.B.'s intimidate me into not taking pleasure in the things that I enjoy doing. Of course I will be cautious, we all must be. But I will not let someone who knows nothing about what America is about dictate what I do and how I act.
Chris Smorul
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