A Contribution to the White Mountains

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A Contribution to the White Mountains

Postby MogulManDan » Fri Dec 21, 2001 6:34 pm

CANNON MT, NH <BR>9:04am <BR> <BR>As we unloaded the sounds of ski boots echoed loudly, racing toward the untouched snow that awaited the morning diehards. Skier's that had been crammed inside tramway for the strenuous four minutes, itched to feed their crave. "Who wanted it the most?" <BR> <BR>The noise became monotone in my head as I looked through my okaly goggles into my brothers pulsating eyes. We toughed down the icy stairway into the howling winds of the outside. Using all our might, we fought the viscous gusts of wind that threw fellow skier's equipment elsewhere. <BR> <BR>"SNAP, SNAP!" I made my way through the heavy powder, still believing I was the first off. I was wrong, as the white out passed, my brother emerged yet a few yards in front of me. I should have guessed, afterall today was the day that I would learn my skiing addiction would last a lifetime. <BR> <BR>A Ski Bum for life, Thank you.
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