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re: New Webserver, disappearing archives

Sun Jul 29, 2007 10:30 am

Not post number, page number, as in the start page for viewforum.php. For example: ... start=1100

will display the topics within a forum beginning with topic #1100. That shows a list of 50 topics, beginning with #1100 and going through #1150 for forum #3 (Western North America), which corresponds to "page 23" of the forum. You can manually change that 1100 to any number you wish to jump around the forum quickly.

Going by topic number instead, as you thought I meant, will no longer be effective as PHPBB assigns topic numbers chronologically. That used to work fine for approximating the age of a post, but when all of those archived posts were migrated over to PHPBB they were actually given newer post numbers. As a result, when I first did it they appeared at the top of the list of posts, for PHPBB orders by post number. I had to monkey around with the PHP code in viewforum.php to get PHPBB to instead look at the posting time and not the post number to determine how to order the topics -- that's what was at first preventing me from merging the archive categories into the current categories.

Your latter suggestion:

Tony Crocker wrote:Maybe another way to look at this is to create a method to move from any post to the page it's on, even if you arrived at that post via search or post number.

may be a bit easier to implement. I'll have to look into that, but understand that I'm always reluctant to modify the board code any more than I have to. The software is upgraded frequently to satisfy security concerns that crop up -- running a PHP-based, SQL database-driven forum is a security nightmare, especially when PHPBB is so widely used -- and any minor change to the out-of-the-box coding can stop an upgrade in its tracks, sometimes midway through and rendering the forum unusable.

re: New Webserver, disappearing archives

Mon Jul 30, 2007 12:05 pm

The "start number" method does work to get you to a page. If you want to see page X, the "start =" number needs to be 50X - (1, or any number up to 50). For example, if you want to see page 20, a start number between 950 and 999 will get you there.

I'll quit complaining now. Integrating the archives has been a clear-cut net gain.

Re: re: New Webserver, disappearing archives

Fri Aug 10, 2007 11:36 am

Admin wrote:Well, the good news continues: the archive posts are now included in their current-forum counterpart categories. I've just got one more known bug to figure out.

Somehow I just noticed that a few days ago. BRAVO AGAIN. =D> Funny, I've noticed a few of us have more than one user name (I've used three). :wink: I was also surprise that my first post was back in October 2001 in the Midwest section (I didn't remember that one). :shock: :lol: With the exception of the second post, I always took that I started writing on discussion as a initial reply to Frank's crazyness in April 2003.
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