Profile field for Location restored

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Profile field for Location restored

Postby Admin » Thu Aug 26, 2010 11:24 pm

Folks who have been around a while will recall that we used to have a Location field in user profiles to specify a poster's hometown. While incredibly useful in understanding a poster's perspective, it disappeared during a forum upgrade some time ago.

It's now been added back into our system. New users will now need to complete the field in order to register. For those who registered while the field was absent (you'll notice that next to your posts under your name and avatar, if you have one, your location does not appear) we ask that you click on "User Control Panel" in the blue bar near the top of any forum page, then click on the "Profile" tab to add your location for everyone's benefit.

If you still have your location showing because you're grandfathered in by our old system, you don't need to do anything. However, the Profile tab in your User Control Panel will now have two location fields -- the old and the new. If you make any changes to your profile it will force you to use the one with the asterisk. If that happens remove your location from the one without the asterisk or else your location will appear twice next to each of your posts.

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