Tips on adding third-party video to posts

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Tips on adding third-party video to posts

Postby Admin » Mon Nov 29, 2010 9:16 am

We have three special BBcode buttons enabled on these forums, one each for adding video from Facebook, Vimeo and YouTube. With the proliferation of online video, especially within the ski and snowboard community, many are now adding video to their posts here at FTO Liftlines, most often via third-party video hosting services like these three. Some folks have been encountering difficulty lately getting these BBcodes to function properly and embed their video within a post, so we've added some instruction to each button.

The forum takes the URL of the video to extract the video ID and rebuild the embed code. This is necessary because for security reasons, phpBB -- the forum software -- does not allow HTML in posts or embedding objects. However, understand the URL needs to follow a very specific format in order for the BBcode to understand what, precisely, the video ID is. Anything extraneous before, within or after the proper URL will cause the system to choke.

For this reason, if you now mouse over each of these BBcode buttons you'll see the format in which the enclosed URL must be. If you preview a post and instead of seeing the video embedded you see the code itself, there's a problem with your URL format. Edit the post to make your URL fit the format precisely, and everything will display exactly as you want it to.

And don't forget to consider adding your video to our free SkiTube hosting service as well, located via the "Video" link in the menu bar atop any page on our site or also at

Any questions, fire away. Otherwise, carry on.

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