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Last Minute Openings Chatter Creek Feb. 3-6.

PostPosted: Tue Jan 16, 2007 1:00 pm
by Tony Crocker
There are a couple of last minute openings on our trip. This group has been organized by Lockie Brown, who has described previous trips on FTO in some detail.

"We have openings. First person to pay for the seat gets it. Please try to find someone who will be compatible with this sterling group, both on and off the hill. NO SNOWPLOWERS!!!!" The group is generally middle aged (as described by Lockie, this is my first trip), but experienced powder skiers mostly from Whistler and Snowbird.

You need to be at Golden airport (3 hours west of Calgary) mid-afternoon Feb. 2, thus fly into Calgary no later than Feb. 1. We are flying evening of Jan. 31 and skiing a day at Kicking Horse. My friend Al Solish flies out of Calgary early Feb. 7. I will hang around for 4 more days of skiing (plans still flexible) and fly home early Feb. 11.

No snow worries this year. Kicking Horse has had more snow already than it gets in an average entire season.

Chatter Creek's bookings have become very tight .
I probably would not have this year's reservation without Lockie's assistance.

Report from 2005, when Chatter Creek was the only B.C. snowcat area to escape the Tropical Punch: ... .php?t=619 .

Extended discussion between Lockie and myself after his first Chatter Creek post in 2004: .