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The Ski Channel Film Festival in Denver Jan 27-29

PostPosted: Sun Jan 23, 2011 5:13 pm
by Bobh
The Ski Channel First Annual Film Festival in Denver, Co.

The Ski Channel would like to invite you to the inaugural Ski Channel Film Festival. The event features over 50 films from the best of mountain sport filmmaking. It will be held on January 27th – 29th at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver in conjunction with the SIA Snowshow. In attendance will be mountain sport celebrities, athletes, industry executives, filmmakers, and luminaries. The festival is comprised of works by the cutting edge of mountain sport filmmakers, adding new masterpieces to mountain cinema.

The two most legendary brands in ski filmmaking, Warren Miller Entertainment and Greg Stump Productions, will be screening “Wintervention,” along with the highly-anticipated, decade-in-the-making sequel to “Blizzard of Aahhhs” – “Legends of Aahhhs.” New school filmmakers Poor Boyz and Level 1 Productions will be screening much praised “Revolver” and “Eye Trip.” Iconic snowboard filmmakers Transworld and Standard Films will be screening “In Color” and “The Storming” right along side climbing cinema stars Sender Films and kayak filmmaking legends Hucking Huge Productions. In total, over 50 films and various mountain sports content will be screened at the festival.

The film schedule can be found here:

Denver Daily Deals offers over 50% off tickets until Jan. 23rd:

After Jan. 23, 30% off tickets can be purchased online using the Secret Passcode (TSCFFDV):

Additionally, tickets can be purchased at the Colorado Convention Center during the festival.