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Hunter 12/27-28

PostPosted: Sat Dec 29, 2012 8:35 am
by kingslug
Decided to roll the dice and get up to Hunter before any road closures, 6 hours of hairball driving later I made it to the hotel at midnight, room had no heat but I passed out anyway. I woke up to a not too familiar scene round those parts, a buried parking lot. No digging required when you own a Jeep with real tires, just throw it in reverse and go. It was pounding pretty hard still so my pics aren't worth even posting. A good 2/3 of the mountain was open with about a foot on the ground of medium density which quickly bumped up as the day went on. The crowds never showed as the Thruway was a mess. We spent the day banging moguls until the legs couldn't go any more. Never poached anything as I just didn't want to wreck my bases after a major 50 buck tune up, and it looked like mostly boarders where doing it as the base was still thin.
Saturday...the insanity begins..the line of cars coming down the road was endless. very crowded so obstacle avoidance was the rule of the day. With the Westside still mostly closed it was all frontside but still under a 15 minute wait. The ex Mrs Slug and her boyfriend got there about 10, she on new skis and boots..slow going for a while...They left around 2, shot after a day of moguls, first day is rough. Met up with a local I see from time to time, exceptional bump skier, taught me a slowing down!..the guns where going, temps dropping, conditions actualy getting better..made it to last chair..spent. Conditions are very good considering they had nothing a week ago. With low temps they will be blowing like mad, and another 2 to 4 inches on the way today. Clairs should be open today as well as Racers.