Tremblant December 29

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Tremblant December 29

Postby mitch28 » Sat Dec 29, 2012 6:06 pm

After Montreal got hit by that big snowstorm (that conveniently missed the Laurentians for the most part), I was worried that the hill would be really busy today, since many people won't go skiing until they see snow in their backyards. Thankfully, the lines weren't too bad today, maybe because it was close to -20 Celcius when I left my driveway in the morning. The wind wasn't too strong, and the temperature rose throughout the day.

I started on Superieur, which was groomed to perfection. Then I went to the south side to try Vertige for the first time this year. Coverage wasn't great, with rocks and grass sticking out. I then went back to the north side to ski on Devil's River, which also served some great carving. On the Expo chair, I noticed that Expo/Cossack/Dynamite were all closed. They're blowing a lot of snow on Expo and Cossack, and they'll probably groom them in the coming days. Thankfully they're leaving Dynamite alone. For the past few years, they have been blowing a mount of snow on the pitch. They don't groom it, so it remains an icy block of snow that is extremely hard to ski down unless you have freshly tuned edges. It ends up being a ton of fun in the Spring when it softens, but I prefer when they leave it in its natural state. It seems like we have enough of a base for that this year, but I could be wrong. Since these 3 double diamonds were closed, I alternated between La Griffe, which was fast as always, and the Windigo/Fuddle Duddle combo, which provided firm bumps on a mellow pitch.

In the afternoon I went over to the Edge. Haute Tension (under the chair) was looking pretty rough from the top (completely windswept), but the rest of it had nice bumps and soft snow. The Sensation glades were in pretty good shape. I always enjoy this run, since the trees are tighter that any other (official) glade on the mountain. The trees on the other side of the lifeline were also in good shape. I finished with a few more runs off the Expo and called it a day. Tomorrow I am finally making it down to Jay Peak to sample some of the new snow that fell. They're expecting some snow tonight, and I hope the Jay cloud delivers.
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