Tremblant February 28

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Tremblant February 28

Postby mitch28 » Thu Feb 28, 2013 8:47 pm

There was a snowfall warning for the Tremblant area, but I wasn't sure if it would be enough to justify the drive from Montreal (and miss a day of school). So, when I woke up this morning, I checked the snow report: 24 cm overnight (9 inches). Considering it's practically March, I figured I had to take advantage.

I arrived at the hill a bit later than I had hoped, mainly due to 2 side-by-side snowplows on the highway slowing traffic for a good chunk of the drive. I still made it on the Expo chair 10 minutes after it opened. As per usual when it snows, I made a beeline for Dynamite. The snow was boot-deep, but the higher density kept me from feeling the base too much. The lower section ("the wall") was closed, but a ski patrol was standing over it, so I asked him if it would open. He said they weren't sure because it would become a skating rink after 10 people would ski it, but that he wouldn't stop me if I wanted to duck the rope. I thanked him and proceeded, enjoying knee deep turns on Tremblant's steepest pitch.

It was crowded for a weekday, mainly due to many people being on spring break. The Edge got tracked out quickly, so I decided to try finding some fresh lines off the beaten path. Tremblant has some unofficial glades, but they tend to be very tight and often lead to unskiable areas that are too dense. One exception was off the Expo chair. I hadn't skied this glade in a couple of years, and I couldn't believe how many trees had been removed since my last venture in there. This also meant that it was almost as tracked as the official glades, but I still managed to find soft snow in there all day.

I skied from 9 until 2, then decided to save my legs for the weekend. The crowds disappeared after 11, so I managed to do 18 runs all day. Besides for a few sections (top of the Edge, lower Dynamite), coverage is as good as its been in years. We've already surpassed our annual total (150"), and hopefully March will be cold and snowy to carry us into spring.
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