Jay Peak March 20

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Jay Peak March 20

Postby mitch28 » Wed Mar 20, 2013 8:23 pm

Amazing day at Jay today. The snow report was saying 20 inches, and they were spot on. The snow was knee deep everywhere, dense enough to cushion the base but fluffy enough to be a blast. The tram was on wind hold all morning, so we lapped the Bonnie and Flyer.

We got on the Bonnie at 9:15 and decided to start with Canyonland. Surprisingly, the main section was already tracked. It seemed strange that it would be like that so early in the morning, but I guess skinners had something to do with that. We then did Andre's Paradise twice in a row, without crossing anyone's tracks either time. I tried entering Everglade a bit lower than the main entrance, which was a mixed bag. I would get some amazing turns, then have to jam on the brakes and figure out how to get out of a dense forest. Expo Glade was fun as usual, despite its short length. North Glade was another highlight, as it doesn't see as much traffic. Deliverance was in great shape, as was River Quai.

After lunch we did some laps on the Jet. Timbuktu was delivering the goods, but a trip under the rope accidentally led me to my first ever run on The Dip. I'm normally good at cutting back in at the last second, but the lack of traversing tracks and the allure of those fresh turns got the better of me. Thanks to a kind stranger, I was back at the Jet to meet up with my friend, who couldn't stop laughing. We then did Kitz Woods into Hell's Woods, which were both still reasonably untouched this late in the day. The tram started running in the afternoon, so we finished the day with back-to-back runs down the Face, where I scored my first waist deep turns of the year. At 3:45 we were tempted to do one more lap, but my legs were dead and we had the 2 hour drive back to Montreal ahead of us.

Up until today, my best day of the year was during the 70 cm December pounding at Tremblant. The snow was softer today, and terrain-wise there's no comparison. I guess there's a new winner!
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