TR - Killington 1/22/2015 and Stowe 1/19/2015

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TR - Killington 1/22/2015 and Stowe 1/19/2015

Postby Pfunkride » Fri Jan 23, 2015 2:30 pm

Had a great week at work. Monday(MLK) off, and Thursday off.

Monday we hit Stowe, which recieved all snow and very little rain. Had a pretty monster day there.
Too much to say about this day so I put together a quick vid of the gopro footage from the day to sum it up.

Thursday I hit Killington and to my surprise, I was shredding leftovers all day! Surprise Pow Day!!! \:D/

Started the morning off lapping the K1, as there was no line all day for this. Just get in the next gondi. First run was a burner down to Highline. I could not believe how much fresh tracks were still available at 11am on Highline. It was so good I just stayed the course and did this run 3x. Then I heard Julio/Anarchy were knee high. Yup! Sure was! More fresh lines through here. Altough I don't like the last sections of either of these runs, so the next gondi lap was into the canyons/toiletbowl. It really seemed like I could have ridden here all day and not seen another soul or another track. I don't think anyone skis trees here anymore. Do they? I personally don't know anyone with K passes anymore......
I punched this up 2-3x and wandered over to Bear Mtn.
They had Bear lift closed, but I was still able to hit Centerpiece and Growler. Again, maybe a handful of tracks in there. So I lapped this a few times before heading back to the Canyons. The snow quality was a bit heavier here and wasn't as fluffy as the upper elevations. The toilet bowl was, basically, the best snow on the mountain. I didn't think it got 'gloppy' until the last 100yards of each run that was not in the Canyons.
I finished up the day hitting double dipper and big dipper 6x. I was making 5laps an hour in here, as I could just get back on the gondi after each run. My gopro died pretty early in the day so I couldn't get much footage. The phone pics just didn't turn out very well to post.
I'd say there was 4-6in of fluffy snow on nearly all glades trails and so much left overs, that I wouldn't expect to see them skied out until Sunday. Shocking, even to me, but hey, I'll take' em
We had opted for Stowe on Monday, thinking that Killington wouldn't receive as much snow, but I was proved wrong on Thursday. They definitely got their share in the upper elevations.
Get out there and enjoy!
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