Whiteface, NY - April 2, 2006

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Whiteface, NY - April 2, 2006

Postby Patrick » Mon Apr 03, 2006 8:09 pm

Okay, so it was raining on Saturday at MRG, but what else was different with Sunday at Whiteface besides the sun?

Temps were cooler. 19F at the Summit / 33F at the base at 6am. If I remember correctly it was 61F on the top of General Stark mountain the previous day at 9am.

riverc0il wrote: anyone that firmly believes a bad day of skiing is better than a good day at the office doesn't get out on days like this there definitely are days on which i would rather be working than skiing, this was one of them. the only day of the season i can recall thinking "man, should have stayed home."

This was going to be a different type of day. Life is Fun, Diversity is great. :D

Admin wrote:Day 46 (...) Seems to me that Marc "Sally" C forgot to set his clock this morning, so Nancy had a few runs in before Sally even started. ?

Day 45:

It was the type of day in which it pay off to not be first or second in line, but sleep in. :P It's easy with a 2 1/2 hr drive back to Montreal in the rain and losing one hour to daylight saving time. Today I was heading back home to Ottawa with a slight detour via Whiteface. :mrgreen:

Started on the Cloudsplitter Gondola at 11am and started my first run on Essex (black diamond) on Little Whiteface. Groomed + Frozen solid and icy. Sounds a bit like Rivers' conditions at Cannon. Unfortunately my edges were not as sharp after skiing dirt/mud mixt with a quarter inch of corn snow on the lower part of Bunny. Ah yes, marching across the top of a down tree on the rainy run down Paradise probably didn't help either. :? Upper Northway, the neighbouring trail wasn't better in the afternoon. These runs and North facing and never soften up.

Skyward and Cloudspin were definitely softer, except maybe for the few 100 yards off the top of Skyward before noon. Cloudspin terrain was a mix bag of bumps and bare shots. Skyward was groomed, but soften up real good in the afternoon.

Other fun runs were off Little Whiteface. Mountain Run, Thruway and Wilderness were fun. However the best run of the day was Mackenzie from the top. This is a fun run that is often overlooked. The top part turns and twist against the fall-line. This part was firm, but not icy like Essex and Northway. The lower part was a dream come true for all the Joes of this world. :) The ending was thin and required a 3-5ft jump over the mud.

The middle blues in the upper Facelift area had serious ice flow and coverage issue while the bottom flat part of the mountain was a slush fest at the end of the day.

Runs skiied:
Skyward (3 times)
Cloudspin - the Niagara pitch was great fun as always.
Paron's Run - coverage issue in the middle.

Mackenzie (3 times - run of the day)
Wilderness, Mountain Run, Thruway (2) - soft corn
Essex, Northway - icy and frozen solid
Excelsior - real soft like the whole bottom of the mountain.

From what I understood, the mountain is planning to close on Easter Weekend, however the coverage is thin at certain places at the bottom and around the upper part of the Facelift quad. Well have to wait and see how quick it melts.

Official open trail count: 47

Ah yes, after using some quotes from Admin and Riverc0il I even got something for Tony.

I was at the lift at 10:53am.
Runs: 15
Time: 4:51 (including 30 minutes lunch)
Descent: 7971m - 74m/min (26K vertical) - not bad for a ski day in the East and starting just before 11am. :wink:
Ascent: 7979m - 58m/min

It's true that Whiteface's vertical is similar to Snowbird.

What about MRG in the (partial) rain?

Runs: 5
Time: 1:50
Descent: 1841m - 46m/min
Ascent: 1846m - 43m/min by the mighty single.

Runs: 5
Time: 1:41
Descent: 1891m - 55m/min
Ascent: 1887m - 44m/min

As you can see, I finally got to use my watch. :cry:

Better late than never. :roll:
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