Killington, VT 5/4/99

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Killington, VT 5/4/99

Postby RandyW » Mon Apr 17, 2000 11:43 am

<I>(Note from the Administrator: This report was originally posted on 5/5/99. Due to our move to new servers, the date and time attributed to this post is incorrect.)</I> <BR> <BR>Today was the last $19 total price Vermont resident day of the season at Killington. "So, ahh, you knock down the price of VT day ?" <BR>"Nope, it's still $19" "But with a day ticket from anywhere this season that I payed for it's $15 - $25 minus $10 ?" "Yup, $16.25 with tax." <BR>So I go back to the car, get the ticket from the 4/22 VTer day out of my ski bag and ski as a generic anybody, not as a high priced special Vermonter. Note the tax is on the $25 not $15. I didn't want to argue about .50 because how much time would I waste (and not win) ? <BR> <BR>It is now just the Superstar quad running. There are 3 and 1/4 ways down: Superstar, Skyelark, Bittersweet and the SkyeHawk headwall, which as usual, has the deepest bumps. Upper Bittersweet and Lower Skyelark may not make it to the weekend, both have an almost full-width bare spot. Superstar is still wall-to-wall snow, but right at the top there is already a bare spot band almost full width about 15 feet down from the top - the top flats base depth is still a <BR>good 6 or 8 feet. <BR> <BR>The snow didn't setup overnight and there wasn't any sun to turn it into slush, so it's holding up as fine corn snow fun.
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