Killington, VT 10/28/99

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Killington, VT 10/28/99

Postby GregB » Mon Apr 17, 2000 12:47 pm

<I>(Note from the Administrator: This report was originally posted on 10/29/99. Due to our move to new servers, the date and time attributed to this post is incorrect.)</I> <BR> <BR>I haven't skied before Halloween in over 7 years because of school and work <BR>commitments and salivating as I read the previous ski reports of everyone's <BR>first days at Killington, I had to take the day off and check it out. I pulled <BR>into the parking lot around 10:15 and it took 45 minutes to get to the top of <BR>Rime between getting the ticket, suiting up, riding the ski truck to the base of <BR>the Canyon Quad, and taking the slow ride up the quad. The truck ride is a work <BR>out in itself and required more balance than skiing. The three trails were still <BR>open, Upper Double Dipper, Upper East Glade and Rime. I was very surprised at <BR>the conditions. Dipper and East Glade were left ungroomed and had thin cover <BR>with grass spots showing though and a few rocks thrown in. They both had little <BR>moguls on them and were lots of fun. Rime was in excellent mid-winter condition <BR>with the middle scratched off and the sides full of lose powder. There is a <BR>small mogul line on the skiers right just after t! <BR>he trail merge from Dipper and East Glade. They were making snow on Lower East <BR>Glade until about noon but they never opened it. The report said they are <BR>opening it this weekend and are limiting ticket sales so get there early. There <BR>is still natural snow covering two thirds of the hill with about 3-4+ inches in <BR>the woods at the top. Legs are pleasantly sore this morning. Feels great to <BR>carve again. I hope it's a great season!
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