Mt. Snow/Okemo, VT 11/13-14/99

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Mt. Snow/Okemo, VT 11/13-14/99

Postby telenaut » Mon Apr 17, 2000 1:16 pm

<I>(Note from the Administrator: This report was originally posted on 11/14/99. Due to our move to new servers, the date and time attributed to this post is incorrect.)</I> <BR> <BR>Opened the season (theirs and mine) at Mt. Snow Saturday. Long blue square, <BR>skier's far left on Main Mtn (Choke?) was open top to bottom, Fallen Timbers <BR>on North Face and River Run crossover from Main to North were open. <BR> <BR>Snow conditions were surprisingly excellent. Snow was a bit heavy but plenty <BR>loose stuff to make turns in. By afternoon there were nice moguls on Fallen <BR>Timbers. <BR> <BR>Totally uncrowded. Zero lift lines all day. Very rare trail congestion of any <BR>kind and never bad. <BR> <BR>All in all, much better than expected. And looking at some of the glades from <BR>the chair made me want to come back in a few months. Lifties were uniformly <BR>friendly. <BR> <BR>Okemo on Sunday was totally different. Start with $35 tix after telling me on <BR>the phone (on Friday) that weekend tix would be $25. I hate that. <BR> <BR>Then they said the reason for the rise was the huge amount they had open. I <BR>got hopeful. But counting trails I'd want to ski, there was a lot less than at <BR>Snow. Defiance was fun, sort of, but short. And snow conditions were *much* <BR>poorer than the day before at Snow. Groomed totally flat with almost now loose <BR>snow on top and a fair amount of bare spots. Mt. Snow had been better on all 3 <BR>counts. Also crowds. Lift lines never more than 1 minute but the trails were <BR>continually jammed at all points where beginners would slow down or where <BR>boarders would sit in a herd. <BR> <BR>And trails. Okemo's were boring boulvards. Mt. Snow had nice dips. Upper Choke <BR>(if that's what it's called), although only a blue, was especially nice in the <BR>dip department. Also enjoyed the view from Mt. Snow's north side of (somebody <BR>tell me what) River. <BR> <BR>Neither of these are places I've skied more than once or twice before, but <BR>Snow now is a place I'd like to go back to. Okemo is not. Of course, judging <BR>this early in the season is probably unfair. <BR> <BR>Green plaid? Missed the Malczyk's at Okemo. Missed Michael Bernstein there too <BR>(we were supposed to meet). What happened Michael? And missed Dana at Snow. <BR> <BR>Weather? Foggy most of the day at Snow. Rain started at noon at Okemo. It <BR>actually improved the snow, softening it up, but by 1:30 I was soaked and a <BR>bit bored, even *with* the improving trail conditions. Called it quits. <BR> <BR>Legs? Got in a full full full day Saturday. It felt soooo good to get back on <BR>skis. Kind of like, "hey--I remember how to do this. This is cool." Saturday <BR>afternoon as the moguls began to form, I started bouncing down the trail and <BR>suddenly remembered how much *less* effort it can be to turn on bumps than on <BR>bumpless. Man, 6 months is too long to go without skiing! <BR> <BR>Tonight my thighs are screaming. I need to use my arms to get up from sitting <BR>down. The bathroom is full of stinky damp ski clothes. My wife is pissed that <BR>I spent Saturday at Snow instead of K where she thought I was going (she <BR>thinks in an emergency she could just call either one up and have them find me <BR>on the slope). Life is good.
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