Sugarbush, VT 11/16-17/99

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Sugarbush, VT 11/16-17/99

Postby Mike » Mon Apr 17, 2000 1:27 pm

<I>(Note from the Administrator: This report was originally posted on 11/18/99. Due to our move to new servers, the date and time attributed to this post is incorrect.)</I> <BR> <BR>I have to make this quick, as I am off to work, but I know all you hounds want to know what is happening up here. It is EPIC, HUGE. If it doesn't thaw, this weekend wil be great. <BR> <BR>There was at least 18" Tues. am at the top of Heaven's Gate. I was only able to ski for an hour or so, so my time was limited, but it was well worth it. One of the perks of living AT a ski area. I skied Grinder, Spills, Domino. and one or two more. It was really deep. FaceShots. The snow was fairly heavy, so it felt bottomless. You really needed to have some speed to go fast ehough to turn. Some friends hiked to CR, and said even on liftline the snow was so heavy that they had to go straight! I knew Wed would be big. <BR> <BR>Got to the lift at 8:10, already about 15 people there. Within two minutes, they were starting to load public. I was in the third chair. First tracks down grinder. First tracks through 2 feet. Felt bottomless. back down met up with some friends, back up, Grinder to heaven's gate. Down grinder. easily 2 feet plus. More snow than yeserday and the whole left hand side was untracked. Heaven. The snow had settled a bit so it was easier to turn. I had my light weight AT skis and boots (anticipating a hike) and they floated wonderfully. Got to the top just as they were dropping the rope on Paradise. Unbelievable. The first steep face must have had 4 feet of fluff drifted in. <BR> <BR>I headed down and gasped. Snow started breaking over my shoulders, my head. I couldn't see for two ot three turns. gasps ring out, sighs, oh my god, this was the deepest ever. more of the same all the way down, but not quite as deep, maybe only 30". Got back to the top and the crew was readying for the trip to CR. Met Ben Bloom. Sorry ben, I apologize for being a bit stand-offish, but we were about to head off down the LT and the group was set. We had skins and stuff and it was a good thing. We passed some people hiking and the were post holing through consistently waist deep snow. Skied lift line. Amazing. At the headwall I took my usual powder line, skires way right. I steped off a little jump there, about 8' or so, landed. poof and just stopped. Bogged right down. Felt like Mr. Bog-ner. Epic, and unbelievable. After that we skied the lower mt. Mall, twist, moonshine,opened late so there was more untracked. there wAS only 10-20" down there so you could turn and go better. <BR> <BR>A great day. let's hope the snow stays.
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