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Resort and backcountry skiing and snowboarding in eastern US and Canada, including our famous reader-submitted No-Bull Snow Reports.
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Jay Peak - 11/21

Mon Apr 17, 2000 1:42 pm

<I>(Note from the Administrator: This report was originally posted on 11/21/99. Due to our move to new servers, the date and time attributed to this post is incorrect.)</I> <BR> <BR>So I left at 4:00AM and encountered fog well past Concord NH. I stopped <BR>in Lincoln NH and was seduced into buying a 6 pack of Tuckerman's Ale <BR>because of the cool picture of Tuck's Ravine on the box (no, that was not <BR>my breakfast). Snow was sparse in Franconia Crotch, yet there was a <BR>generous amount of ice in the Black Dike (yes, it was climbed as of 11/14). <BR>Temps were warm as I arrived at Jay, but snow was bountiful. In order to <BR>get my 1/2 price special MRG discount, I was forced to go to customer <BR>service at Tram side to get my ticket. Back at Stateside, I ran into Jim <BR>Baumann and Denis. and we suited up and loaded the Jet Triple. We saw <BR>Peter Murray at work and Tellydude on boards. First run of the season was <BR>a thrilling, emotionally uplifting non-stop run down McJet - thus proving <BR>that to a man starved for 6 months, a Big Mac looks awfully tasty. <BR>Next run was UN and it was heavy mashed pataters, but doable! ... by <BR>using the bumps and high spots to our advantage to make turns, a fun run <BR>was had! Afterwards, we ran into Ironman Duffy, Benjie and Kommisar Jerm. <BR>Great snow was found at the top of Timbuktu Glade, Kitz and Kitz Woods and <BR>another glade past Kitz Woods (Hells Woods?), finding untracked cream <BR>cheese !! On one of the Alt Kitz shots, Matt pointed 'em into the trees at <BR>some untracked and attacked it with the timidity of a hockey defenseman. <BR>Woods were a bit too tight given the heavy snow and rusty ski legs, so I <BR>declined. Towards the bottom of Kitz, we ran into The Graham Cracker <BR>contingency from Enosburg Falls AND saw Susan go into the woods, dragging <BR>along Scott who was begging for mercy. <BR>At midday, the several of us went to the skiers right of Timbuktu, but I <BR>was running outta' steam and needed a break, so I headed to Stateside for <BR>nourishment. The rest of the crew caught up and revealed that the traverse <BR>out of the woods was difficult. <BR>After lunch, I broke at some new AT gear to break in. The Tua Excalibur <BR>Mito's were outstanding in the sludge of Timbuktu. The group broke up <BR>until it was just Jim and I. Even though only 1 lift was open, there was <BR>much skiing to be had as everything that was reachable from the Jet Chair <BR>(sans Taxi) was open and coverage was great. <BR>At end of day, Jim & I wandered over to Show-Off Glade where we found <BR>great untracked cream cheese. Jim called it quits and I went for 2 more <BR>runs down Montrealer. At the end of day (a little before 4PM) I called it <BR>quits and grabbed my 6 pack from the truck in anticipation of catching up <BR>with the group inside of Stateside. No plaid was to be found, however. <BR>I did run into 2 guys fresh out of college from the Connecticut Flatlands <BR>who were stranded - their ride had left them behind and they needed help, <BR>BAD .......
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