Stowe, VT 11/21/99

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Stowe, VT 11/21/99

Postby Mark Renson » Mon Apr 17, 2000 1:43 pm

<I>(Note from the Administrator: This report was originally posted on 11/21/99. Due to our move to new servers, the date and time attributed to this post is incorrect.)</I> <BR> <BR>JAY PEAK, 11/20 PM , the weekend continues .......... <BR>I did run into 2 guys fresh out of college from the Connecticut Flatlands <BR>who were stranded - their ride had left them behind and they needed help, <BR>BAD ....... <BR> <BR>..... so I offered them each a reeb, explaining that they needed it more <BR>than I did. Since my pickup is only a 2 seater, I was only able to offer <BR>one of them a ride to Waitsfield (it was at least a start for them). The <BR>other one was to hitch and meet us at the Mad Mountain Tavern. <BR> <BR>ROUTE 100/WAITSFIELD VT ..... <BR>Unable to find the Mylanta Green house landmark which is a beacon to safe <BR>shelter in Enosburg Falls, I continued on my rescue mission to Waitsfield. <BR>At the MMT, my passenger couldn't thank me enough and offered to buy me <BR>dinner. I opted for a reeb, instead and sure enough the other lost soul <BR>showed up half an hour later. They were then able to somehow get a ride to <BR>K-Mart and still couldn't thank me enough, so I had them buy me another <BR>reeb. <BR>After refueling in the tavern and rubbing elbows with some of the MRG <BR>Community, I headed up Rte. 17 to the HSC. The moon shone through a break <BR>in the clouds above, but as I headed uphill, I was treated to some <BR>brilliant lightning displays which illuminated Stark Mountain in the <BR>distance. <BR> <BR>WAITSFIELD/STOWE ....... <BR>Next morning, after catching some badly needed beauty sleep, I strolled <BR>over to the Single and observed the melting snow on Stark Mountain - the <BR>bottom was seriously hurtin', but much was on top. I then took my time and <BR>then headed to Stowe, the present Snow Capital of the Lower 48, arriving at <BR>about 10AM. Mount Mansfield's remarkable propensity for holding snow was <BR>evident. I put on my AT gear and skins, figuring it was a great <BR>opportunity to workout. I ascended via Crossover and Lullaby Lane/Toll <BR>Road. On my way, I encountered (theme song from Jaws on the background) <BR>DOUGIE. Doug was polite and friendly and is doing very well. He will be <BR>in PA, this weekend. <BR>The ascent was pleasant, especially with the sunny skies and the smell of <BR>pine near the summit. I arrived at the summit with an elapsed time of 1 <BR>hour-43 minutes for the 2150 ft ascent, a 1252 ft per hour pace or 4 hours <BR>18 min from Paradise Station to Camp Muir. Dana recommends 1200 ft/hr .... <BR>WITH a 35 lb pack as opposed to my 10 pounder. He sez with a 10 <BR>pound pack, 2,000 ft is the standard, hence I got my work cut out for me. <BR>I had another Dougie encounter at the Octagon. <BR>I succored myself into buying a half day pass at the bottom and took a <BR>bunch of great runs in the afternoon. Conditions were very springlike and <BR>coverage was great. The intermediate trails on the right off of the <BR>Forerunner were all open. No expert trails were open. <BR> <BR>A GREAT START !!
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