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Sugarbush, VT 20NOV99

PostPosted: Mon Apr 17, 2000 1:50 pm
by Jay Silveira
<I>(Note from the Administrator: This report was originally posted on 11/22/99. Due to our move to new servers, the date and time attributed to this post is incorrect.)</I> <BR> <BR>On Saturday I visited Sugarbush with my friend Chris. They <BR>still had many of the trails open at South, but the day was basically <BR>warm, so things were melting and bare spots were opening up on the lower <BR>mountain's natural trails. We started off with a run on the Gate House <BR>and hit Sleeper Chutes. Coverage wasn't too bad, but the snow was <BR>fairly mushy and not all that great a ride. We then decided to head for <BR>the higher elevations in search of snow that was a bit firmer. Most of <BR>the terrain off heaven's Gate was still open, as was Castlerock <BR>(although I heard the skiing was tough at the rock, as in deep and <BR>sticky). The main Jester / Downspout route was awesome, with soft snow <BR>all day. Crowds built up there, so we checked out some of the terrain <BR>below the Super Bravo as the Heaven's Gate lift line approached 10 <BR>minutes. Cover was getting a little sparse in the Murphy's Glades / <BR>Birdland area, but there were very few people, and no lift line for the <BR>Super Bravo. Strong winds were blowing at the summit, keeping a chill <BR>up there, but the snow remained soft. We left around mid-day, planning <BR>to return on Sunday for the canned food drive.