Edelweiss QC - January 14, 09 - chill night

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Edelweiss QC - January 14, 09 - chill night

Postby Patrick » Thu Jan 15, 2009 4:01 pm

Velvet underskis. \:D/ \:D/ \:D/

Just a simple TR just to say Wow...

Simply amazing groomed conditions. Perfect Packed Powder Corduroy on the two different runs I skied. Mind you temps were between -26c in the am with -39c windchill, the hill will remain in great shape, but we also received a bit of snow earlier in the week.

First race of the season, turned into the parking at 6:30pm with a nice -28c.

Did maybe two warmup runs down Zoomer the usual run for our race. Tonight we had a treat, the GS course was set on Streif.

The racer in me = :drool:
My back injury = 8-[

Streif is pretty impressive trail a recreational racer. Fun course.

One run for course inspection and one run free ski followed by my 3 timed runs. Not a single patch on ice even on the steep pitch, way better conditions than last Sunday a few miles south at Cascades.

No speed suits for tonight, but a few of us removed our big coats in order to impress and play mind games with our opponents. :lol:

3 straight runs without a jacket, just a vest. Back to the top to get my jacket, I was about to get back on the HSQ...but I decided to call it a night for my toes (starting to freeze) and my back. In the bar at 9pm (for the awards and door prizes 8-[ ), got home at 11pm.

Satisfied of my night overall (times could have been better, but with the lack of skiing and back issue), my time was improving every run. I was a bit stiff at first, but the back survived. Iced it when I got back home.

So for those keeping track, that's 2 hours, 8 runs x 200m with 0 powder. \:D/


Speed Suit Rule
When the ambient temperature at the time of registration drops below -20 C, the use of speed suits shall be banned. Dress warmly. Women, however, are still encouraged to wear speed suits in the bar after the race.

Race Cancellation - Weather
Race will be cancelled if, at 15h00 on the day of the race, Environment Canada posts an ambient temperature of -28C (or lower) either at the http://www.weatheroffice.com web site, or at the 998.3439 info-line. It is the responsibility of the racer to check these sources on race day - Chances are Gary might not be able to post a cancellation notice on the web site by 15h00.

I wasn't sure if the race was going to happen, notice Vorlage didn't have any night. Camp Fortune had lights also, I couldn't really see Cascades on the drive up. I saw that Edelweiss isn't opening tonight.
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Re: Edelweiss QC - January 14, 09 - chill night

Postby Admin » Thu Jan 15, 2009 4:36 pm

Women, however, are still encouraged to wear speed suits in the bar after the race.


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Re: Edelweiss QC - January 14, 09 - chill night

Postby Spensar » Fri Jan 16, 2009 9:45 am

Streif and no ice patches in the same sentence #-o ... I guess there are rewards to braving the cold.
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