Kmart 5/1/11 RIP

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Re: Kmart 5/1/11 RIP

Postby cd » Fri May 20, 2011 12:00 pm

Thanx for that, actually had googled my way to that forum but just hadn't dug in enough to see his short report/pic. Yes make no mistake Kmart could *easily* have been open *3 more weeks* to this Sunday with Superstar top-to-bottom or very close to it, even longer if had gone by their old snow stockpiling specs (never mind additional "walking required" margin).

They can improve the operations all they want but it's moot if they destroy their deep customer base.
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Re: Kmart 5/1/11 RIP

Postby Geoff » Sun May 22, 2011 9:35 am

Patrick wrote:I read this on TGR and I was sure that Geoff would appreciate it...

On the other hand since Powdr has taken over the mountain in general has seen more snowmaking on more trails than ever before for the other 5 months of the season. I remember seasons where lower ovation , lower conclusion, devils fiddle just to mention a few wouldn't even open at anytime during the winter because they didn't blow snow on them. They even groom out some of the steeper terrain on a regular basis but still leave enough terrain natural to satisfy most anyone. I enjoy a few bump runs & even the glades but as I get older it's nice to still have some of the more challenging terrain groomed out to take it easy a little while not being limited to only blues & greens for groomed runs. Personally I think Powdr is doing an excellent job taking care of the mountain which after all is what counts the most.


The facts aren't quite correct but I agree with the gist of this.

Fact #1: Killington stopped making snow before Presidents week

Fact #2: For the first 2 1/2 weeks of January, much of Killington's snowmaking capacity was diverted to Bear Mountain to make the terrain features for the "Dew Tour". Trails that are usually open by the time you get 1 week into January like Double Dipper, Ovation, and Panic Button hadn't seen any snow yet. Because they had a national event at Bear, they blew Fiddle.

Fact #3: Killington got really lucky with the weather. They didn't have a January thaw. They saw average snowfall... 260-ish". They had the coldest spring I can remember.

Killington midwinter is just fine as long as the resort isn't stressed. They chased away 30% of the people. Unless you own a local business or want to sell your vacation home in a collapsed real estate market, 30% less people is a good thing.

In my opinion, Killington will never see another May 1 closing as long as Chris Nyberg is around. He doesn't believe in it and he has the reputation that he'll fire any staff who contradict him on major policy issues. Killington only closed on May 1 this year because the season passes for 2010-2011 were sold with a season from early November to early May. Last year, they were forced to give vouchers to their season pass base for closing before May 1 with wall-to-wall cover after advertising a May closing. You'll never see a May Killington closing associated with a season pass sale again until Nyberg is replaced.
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Re: Kmart 5/1/11 RIP

Postby cd » Tue Feb 05, 2013 12:37 pm

Am dredging up this relatively recent of the classic "Kmart early closing" threads because i just received an email outlining Killingtons plans to revive their late season operations after all these fallow years! I always said I'd give them props if they looked like they'd change back to the once -proud tradition so I am. Time (and yes weather) will tell but they at least look to have activities planned into May. They claim a renewed effort to stockpile snow on Superstar which was always one of the key components (tho I have not seen it myself). Anyway fingers x'ed and here's their link: ... elebration
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