Alta, UT 11/22/2015

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Alta, UT 11/22/2015

Postby Admin » Mon Nov 23, 2015 7:49 pm

Day 5: Back to the groomers.

Without new snow, following Saturday's traffic and Saturday night's cold temps we really didn't wander much from the groomers on Sunday -- a marked departure from our terrain selections on Friday and Saturday.

Lunch on the GMD patio. L to R: TheOtherAmy, Telejon, AmyZ, Theresa, Jon, Evan from Wasatch Snow Forecast (busy checking the Euro weather models on his phone), and Bobby Danger. After a long summer I'm still digging their Buffalo Chicken Wrap!

Mr. Fashion Plate, Bobby Danger is outfitted as the Black Knight this winter. Good riddance to that old shredded tweed suit! The button-down blue flannel shirts, however, remain.

Mrs. Admin came up at lunch time and spent the afternoon skiing. She was determined to ski my 177cm G3 Reverends, but she now realizes that was a mistake -- she needs to get her ski legs back on her own skis, some 159cm K2 Burnin' Luvs that are much more forgiving for her. Nevertheless, she didn't stop raving about how comfortable her boots felt after last weekend's bootfitting session at Wasatch Powder House.

On a second visit to Baldy Brews in the afternoon we ran into Jude, the Watson Shelter manager who's also now overseeing the Albion Grill this season, where she's been spending most of her time and energy. Following some minor aesthetic interior renovations this summer she's got a new staff and a new menu in Albion Grill this winter, including grass-fed Uinta beef for the burgers, Salt Lake Roasting Company coffee and more. With Jude's touch I'm confident that Albion Grill will become a much more attractive lunch stop this winter, as the menu makeover was sorely needed. For those who may be unaware, Albion Grill was leased to an independent contractor until a couple of years ago, when he turned the lease back over to Alta Ski Area. Alta now operates it on weekends during the summer hiking season, too.

Our leisurely afternoon was welcome; on my third straight early season day in a row, had I not had a reason to take it easy my body would've never made it to our 4 p.m. quitting time.

Hopes remain high for this week's storm in the forecast for Thanksgiving Day. Telejon says that it's going to snow because he's going away for the holiday. If this storm delivers, we all agreed to pitch in to fund a trip for him to leave town every weekend this winter. :-P

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