Eldora, CO 1-2-16

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Eldora, CO 1-2-16

Postby EMSC » Sun Jan 03, 2016 10:02 pm

Short day.

I should also post another TR from 12-30 at Eldora, but that was a rather cold day and overcast to boot. So I didn't take a single picture that day.

Today was a short day given the longer one with the longer drive to Winter Park the day before. January is shaping up to be very busy so lots of home front work to finish up before crazy ensues. We arrived at ~10:30a and temps were pleasantly warmish.

All runs are now off the top of the mountain with Jr choosing where we go. Including Corona chair and Corona trail (a black diamond). At one point Mom and Jr went in for a snack at the Lookout lodge on the backside and I went straight for the steeps of which half are open. A lot more snow in the steeps than I expected, though still enough 'bones' to require good looking ahead technique. I hit Salto glade, probably my favorite run at all of Eldora. With snowmaking complete, all but 3 trails are open.

For the first time in a long time they are trying to actually utilize the Lookout lodge. They have a person BBQ'ing dog and burgers outside (that has to be fun given the usual wind and cold temps). With actual food service and cheap plasticy table coverings, etc... A lot more attempt then I've ever seen back there. Since the parking lots filled to capacity on Sat the place was full too. also a very rare occurrence. In past years you might get a vending machine or a very occasional re-heated chilli on a good day (but only for about an hour or so right at noon).

Despite the large crowds, most lifts had little lines (3-4 min on Corona, maybe 5-10 for brief periods on the frontside such as when we left around 2:30). Snow was the currently typical for most any groomers. No new snow in a week, but lots of cold air keeping things preserved pretty well.

Jr is skiing faster and faster and when we get a batch of days like this I can literally see changes and improvement from one day to the next. Very hesitant on steep stuff like Corona, but so much faster and faster on some of the blue trails now. French fries coming along very well on the flatter stuff and he's removing turns now on low angle blues too.

Interestingly my wife is only going about as fast as he is on the lower angle blues now. I can actually get a few turns in though not many are true carved turns. He's not that fast yet.

Jr takes frequent breaks on the steepest trails for the moment. It gets tiring doing slow wedge turns.

Corona trail.

half way down Salto glade is this picket fence of bamboo. Definitely some bones to be avaoided, but really not bad coverage for this time of year.

Chalky smooth snowmaking surface on the lower part of West Ridge.

An example of the big volume for the holiday weekend Saturday.
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