Copper, CO 3-26&27-16

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Copper, CO 3-26&27-16

Postby EMSC » Sun Mar 27, 2016 8:54 pm

2 good days of winter.

After some decent storm cycles of late we headed to Copper for the weekend, utilizing a friends condo in Silverthorne.

A late-ish arrival around 10a since we didn't get up too early (it was a very long week). Cold and overcast with near constant flurries/squalls that didn't amount to much accumulation. Official report had 4" new (most fell that day before) and 16" in 3 days. We were fairly surprised at how little soft snow was on the lower part of the mountain (rather scratchy actually) especially compared to the upper mtn which only occasionally and rarely had a scratchy turn. We seem to always start on Super Bto the top an then down toward the center village base. Interestingly after a couple runs on groomers, Jr wanted to ski the backside so we skied a very soft run on Blackjack before traversing across to Mtn Chief and over the ridge-line to the front again. A loop we did twice into and then out of the backside. He even choose to ski a black level bump run under Excelerator lift. When I could, I ducked into the trees all day long and found spots of ~6" or so of fluff to ski for a handful of turns at a time.

Sunny and warmer but still winter except for the very base of the hill at the end of the day. Another 1/2" or so of new overnight kept things soft on top. Crowds were non-existent; at least where we were skiing. After a 'typical start' again around 9:15a (we slept in), we headed back to Blackjack lift and found the next run over to have just superb snow with quite a bit untracked or hardly tracked in the past couple of days. Jr wasn't exactly skiing super fast on it, but it was so soft and fun we lapped it 4 times before we realized it was time for lunch. So we went up Mtn Chief and actually talk Jr into trying Union bowl he was having so much fun. It was a bit nerve wracking for Jr at first but I talked him through it and down the lightly tracked snow for a huge morning of off piste and darn near all black slopes.

After skiing all the way down and grabbing lunch, we were able to talk Jr into trying out the t-bar (storm king) for his first ever t-bar ride. After is first ride, he liked it so much we skied down next to it so we could ride it again. After the second ride we took the traverse back to upper Lillie G back to blackjack lift for another 2 runs. At that point everyone was slowing down a little after two full days, but Wife and Jr skied lookers right of Mtn Chief while I hiked and skied off the cornice on Bradley's Plunge looker left which had some lightly tracked lines for some very nice turns. After that we beat a hasty retreat to end our day at ~3:30p

Jr made huge progress in his skiing and flys down the hill n groomers now and is quickly learning bumps, ungroomed, light powder, etc... Very nice weekend on the slopes that should pay big dividends for skiing moving forward.












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