Alta/Snowbird, March 26, 2016

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Alta/Snowbird, March 26, 2016

Postby Tony Crocker » Wed Mar 30, 2016 11:53 pm

The weather forecast called for a cloudy Saturday and sunny Sunday, but actual weather was the opposite. As it cleared over Friday night, it was quite cold for March, maybe 10F up top early in the morning. In the afternoon it got warm and by the end of the day perhaps twice as much terrain had softened as on Friday, but still at least half of both areas retained winter snow all day.

Liz and I started with admin, Amy, Telejon and his bother Malcolm. We started with 2 runs on Ballroom, which had been closed Friday. It had about 3 inches fresh snow as it had been open Thursday after the big storm earlier in the week.
Next we took the High T out to Thirds. Liz:


We continued down Greeley Bowl in soft snow with a trace of new.
Next we went up Sunnyside/Cecret/Supreme and slogged out to Catherine’s. Catherine’s was soft but our ultimate objective was the untracked Albion gully we had spotted from Thirds. Admin:



Liz needed a boot break and Admin was under the weather with a stomach virus and called it an early day. Telejon, Malcolm and I returned to Supreme for a Back 40 run. After some difficulty with cell reception we determined that Amy, BobbyD and most of Friday’s group were having lunch at Rendezvous at Snowbird at 1PM. Sugarloaf had a mechanical problem and thus the easy way into Snowbird was cut off. All of us wound up on Wildcat and skied Westward Ho into Snowbird. Most of the snow there had settled to a supportable spring surface except the very lowest section had a zipper crust.

March 26 is the sad anniversary of Shane McConkey’s ski base jumping death, and this guy on the tram plaza was commemorating Shane with full Saucer Boy accessories.


After lunch our group of now 10 went up the tram to the Upper Cirque. Colin, Arnie, Kay and I skied Great Scott, while the others are in Shot 12 here:

Liz in lots of soft snow in the Cirque.

We skied Green Forest, then over to the Gad lifts. Up top again we followed Colin to Forbidden Forest/South Chute, still in as good shape as on Friday if you stuck to the north facing lines.

Most of the group was done, but BobbyD, Amy and I took Peruvian to low Baldy, exiting skier’s left of the cliffs, probably in Shot 20. There we saw a couple who lost skis trying to get through Eye of the Duck.

The guy in red pants is salvaging one set of skis while another ski is visible well below. We skied Amphitheater, looked back up and still another ski was even farther down. We have no idea how long it took the couple to get out of there.

I skied 12,500 vertical at Alta in the morning with about 2K of early powder and 9,100 at Snowbird in the afternoon.
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