Eldora, CO 12-11-16

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Eldora, CO 12-11-16

Postby EMSC » Sun Dec 11, 2016 9:02 pm

Big storm cycle, but Eldora gets caught with it's proverbial pants down.

the past week through this coming week seems likely to be one of the bigger storm cycles of the season. Eldora received 12" overnight and 35" in the past 7 days and it snowed pretty hard all day today before starting to break up just as my son and I departed a bit after 4p.

We might have left a touch earlier, but Eldora really got caught by the large number of folks who showed up today. With all the snafu's going on we didn't get on the lift till 11a. What snafu's? well the parking was so disorganized that we hit a wall of cars at the very bottom of the Shelf road, spent 50 minutes making it to the parking lots (that is ~2.5 miles in 50 minutes). where we parked in the very end of the North lot which hadn't been plowed in some sections or incorrectly plowed in others. They easily could have fit another 100 cars in the lot we were by itself, but it was so poorly done they lost a LOT of folks who turned around part way up the road due tot he wait.

Then we made it to the main lifts where only the triple was running and not both lifts. Huge lift line. Etc... It was as crowded today, on a Sunday in early Dec as Eldora ever gets all season. Why? because I70 was a mess AND with only 20-25% of terrain open at the big places who wants to do the I70 mess at all. They did finally get the double running on the frontside by 1p or something like that.

Anyway the skiing was quite good though pretty bumped out by the end of the day. I didn't really get any chance to hit much of note since it was only me and my son. I did try the edges in select places that were kind of sloppy seconds. All lifts are open which seems to me a record early in the season for Corona lift. Probably 2/3 open once they opened a bunch of frontside trails on natural snow only, which is also got to be either a record early in the season or close to it. Still blowing snow on the backside trails so really only Corona trail is open there. Probably a lot of base welds happening in the ski shops this week (base depth isn't THAT great yet), but the snow has been piling up pretty quick for such a warm and dry Nov.

Only the triple running gets you this on a pow day...

snowed heavily all day despite the sun sort of showing. Several inches while we were there.


So much for Nov warmth.

100% natural snow... at Eldora... in early Dec. wow!

One of the new trails on the backside.

An old beast hidden in the way back of the North Lot. I think it's the rotary snowblower they have used on occasion in past years.
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