Eldora, CO 12-25-16

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Eldora, CO 12-25-16

Postby EMSC » Mon Dec 26, 2016 8:30 pm

Typical Eldora storm.

Couldn't have two more different weather days than Dec 24 and Dec 25. From warm and not a cloud to gale force winds and snowing.

We try to hit at least a few hours on Christmas day as a family tradition. This year the weather made for a very short day that started ~11:30ish. 10-20mph winds with gusts to at least 40 (eg no singles allowed up the lift), plus snowing. Jr and mom didn't like that a whole lot and they lasted exactly 4 runs. In fact not many were sticking it out. Very uncrowded to the point that we poached an open spot in the second row of the main lot.

The skiing itself was not a problem since the new snow was buttery in the places that it drifted in a few inches. I headed back out for a few more runs after a short break with the family. Hitting Powder Reserve glade on the front side which was pretty good. It is fairly wind sheltered so the snow was staying in there just fine. I think I saw only one other track that had gone in before me. Most interestingly, on my two rides up where I had to join other singles I went with one person from Florida and one from NYC.

As to the groomers, left side of LaBelle was the choice of the day with 1-3 inches of soft fluff. So here is my latest Eldora Confusion. This is the second time this year I have skied Eldora in a snowstorm, and the following day they have report 0" of new snow. The first time they should have been reporting probably 4" new and today they reported 0" while I definitely skied in a couple inches of new. Not exactly big snows, but still, what the heck is up with that?

We headed out by 2:30.


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Powder Reserve... in officially 0" of new snow
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