Winter Park, CO 1-1-17

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Winter Park, CO 1-1-17

Postby EMSC » Sun Jan 01, 2017 7:03 pm

Hard to believe I had to put a "17" on that date.

Conditions wise almost identical to my 12-30-16 post. Just a touch of nice fluff on top or soft-ish of groomers. Some of the most groomed and skied spots are starting to get wear and tear down to grass/rocks. Not a lot of it, but just enough spots to keep you on your toes. It has been nearly a week since any snow and a bit more than that for the last big snows. Good thing they are calling for 1-3 feet of snowfall during the week this week. I am a bit surprised to see how much snowmaking they have continued to do this week. Not sure when they will pull the plug on that. Everything for beginner through advanced is basically open. Only a few of the steepest lines or super wind affected areas have any material issues.

This is always a day to hit the I70 corridor since so many are hung over and not skiing. Today we had 25% or less lift mazes with even Panorama up top ski-on at times. We did a moderate start with a ~10:30am arrival to the lifts heading straight up to the top for 3 long laps on Panorama before heading to Lunch Rock for, um, sustenance. That place is pretty expensive to say the least, though at least it's worth going to since they renovated it. Probably the one and only time I eat up there.

After lunch we headed to Jr's favorite - Lonesome Whistle and took several laps through the afternoon. His speed is really picking up the last couple days of skiing as long as I keep him on blues. He's a touch faster on blacks, but not enough for him to gain all that much confidence on them just yet. It'll happen soon enough and I'm sure in a couple years he'll be skiing at similar speeds in all but the toughest stuff.

It was a cool day, with temps probably in the low teens up top and a cool breeze and just a few clouds hanging about - especially on the continental divide. We ended our day by 3:30p and despite a short 5-10 minute delay on the ride home managed to do the afternoon drive in less than 2 hours.






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