Copper, CO 1-15-17

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Copper, CO 1-15-17

Postby EMSC » Sun Jan 15, 2017 8:28 pm

Nice day to test my legs....

for a second day in a row.

Just me again. I took the route less traveled (US6) and was rewarded with only ~10 min in delays despite only leaving my house at 6:35a. Yes I70 is that bad on Saturdays, holiday weekends and powder days. Copper was reporting 1" overnight which was the first measurable in a couple days. To call it an inch was quite generous with the exception of Copper bowl where it might have been almost 2". I arrived in the parking lot just as the lifts opened, but within 15 minutes was on the Super B headed up hitting Patrol Chute/Spaulding trees for a couple of laps. The T-Bar was even ski on for my first lap. By the time I hit the T-bar for the 3 time I knew it was time to head to the backside to avoid crowds.

Taking the Lillie G traverse and Upper over to Mtn Chief, I hiked along the ridge to as far as the ropes would let me. I was disappointed to see the rest of the ridge closed. So I skied down and got in the line for the snowcats. Although Tucker Mtn was closed they were running up to Lallarooken (sp?) and Iron mask which looked only partly skied. The line was already very long and I had to wait for the 3rd cycle of both cats (roughly an hour). But I was going for quality over quantity. I ended up in the jump seat of the cat finding out that Patrol has had all it can handle YTD with getting Copper bowl open (and keeping open). So they haven't even run the rope lines on Tucker let alone bombed it, etc... They hope to get it partway open by next weekend (if it doesn't snow excessively more).

I'd always been curious where the cat drop was and how the hike was for the Lallarooken drop. Basically no climbing at all, just a walk along the ridge line. I took a turn in Iron mask which had only sen a handful of folks ski it and per the patroller driving the cat Iron Mask and Schaeffers both opened for the first time this season today. So I actually did luck out. There was some small debris from a cornice that they had blown off the ridge (in both shots) but it was easy to avoid and was not overly hard chunks anyway. Most turns probably ~6" of soft powder. Unfortunately, when I got down to the meadow skipping part I hit a buried rock. Not too horrible but right next to one of my edges. I will probably take it in to the shop to see if it needs a weld.

Both Breck and Copper spent time blasting to get more terrain open now that the big storm cycle has settled.

After such a long wait It was lunch time and I headed for a couple very quick laps on Union Bowl on the frontside. A bit of soft stuff, really quite well skied out. After lunch I headed back and hiked along the ridge to Schaeffer's twice when my legs started to let me know they didn't want to hike anymore. Both runs quite soft and even a few turns in untouched since everyone was trying so hard to avoid the small debris that they missed a whole section just below the debris half way down the slope. Finding less hiking for my legs meant one more Union bowl/Sierra ride then all the way to the base. All the way back up the east side to hit upper part of Resolution and a run all the way to A lift. With one last groomer in my legs to get me home.

Interesting weather day today too. Storm spinning to the south kicking up mix of sun and clouds at various points in the day. Then late all the clouds started coming from the east with sun and blue sky over Vail pass just west. Temps were pretty warm for January (prob 32 at the base), so I was happy with the clouds. Otherwise I would be overdressed. On the way home the west side of the tunnels were overcast but bright-ish, east side was very low clouds, flurries and fog. Small upslope tonight in the forecast.

decent sized snowbanks for several miles East of the divide

dumb car antenna in the way, grumble..

Patrol Chute (2nd person in for the day based on the 1" of new)


All you see is in the permit boundary... Some day, someday...

Yours truely

Hey finally an action shot!

View of the cat line from the vantage I like to see it.

More action!



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