Alta, UT 3/4-5/2017

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Alta, UT 3/4-5/2017

Postby Admin » Mon Mar 06, 2017 10:03 pm

Days 42-43: "Soft as glass, smooth as shag carpet."

Yeah, I was up there Saturday and Sunday in blistering winds. The trick was to avoid rock-hard surfaces from a week of warmth followed by cooler air and the aforementioned wind, and find where it had been deposited. The score of the weekend was definitely Backside, which had several distict corridors filled with smooth wind sift between the broad areas of wind scour.

Did somebody say "sastrugi"?

But battling some personal health issues, I didn't have it in me to spend a full day either day.

Alta has since picked up 15" of new, but of course that came on Sunday night/Monday. #-o

Sunday at Watson's. L to R: Bobby Danger, rdwore, Admin, AmyZ and Telejon (photo: Rick)

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Re: Alta, UT 3/4-5/2017

Postby stan » Mon Mar 06, 2017 10:15 pm

The Sunday night snow came with yet more wind, so it was stiffer than last week's storm and not evenly distributed. Thirds and the north rustler face, including high boy, were the best of the day today. Fun was also to be had in Catherines and the Back 40 areas.
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