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Resort and backcountry skiing and snowboarding in the western US and Canada, including our famous reader-submitted No-Bull Snow Reports.
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Norquay, AB 3-5-17

Wed Mar 08, 2017 1:40 pm


The good news was how many locals were commenting to each other in line about how it was the best day of the year at Norquay. The bad news was that on a relative scale to the prior 4, it was not all that great. Norquay had picked up 4 1/2" overnight with requisite avi bombing of the cliffs over the top of the runs, but the new snow was not the reason we ended up there. The plan had been to hit Sunshine and Delirium dive for a couple laps before heading to the airport for a late day flight, but...... yet another bus flipped over. This time on the TC1 itself a bit before the sunshine exit. the TC1 was not moving and a parking lot all the way from Banff and well towards Canmore as well.

Given the shorter day we had available, sitting in the car for a couple hours to try for perhaps one lap on Delirium seemed pointless and we headed up to Norquay instead. The groomers were fine and early had soft snow to ski that slowly headed toward scratchy. After an early lunch we hit the North American chair which has been replaced since I was there 6 years ago. It's now a "pulse" style double chair. set up that way for sightseeing operations. Very weird to load and especially get off of. Despite recent snows, Norquay has a couple feet less base depth than the last time I was there so the two best areas (bowl and Avi chute) on either far side of the lift were closed and lots of small shrubbery showing through as well.

We pulled the plug ~2p in order to repack bags and head to the airport. So the great Canadian trip ended with a relative whimper. Sounds like they get so little snow in Banff area that 2 buses in two consecutive days flipped over. Bad news.

Can almost even see blue-ish-ness in the sky



Mt Rundle

Pulse double chair

The best stuff off of North American is closed
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