Mt Rose, NV 5/19/2017 (added pictures on 5/30)

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Mt Rose, NV 5/19/2017 (added pictures on 5/30)

Postby tseeb » Sun May 21, 2017 9:33 am

I'll start this with the following copied from my 4/28/2016 trip report:
"I'm not sure how many from Northern CA and NV are on firsttracks, but I wanted to make sure everyone was aware of the following:
PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT - Mt Rose ... deserves to be recognized and rewarded with our business for extending their season. They are open Thu-Sun this weekend and next"

Monday of Memorial Day weekend will be their last day. Their website says "NO PANTS – FINAL WEEKEND Enjoy the last weekend (May 27-29) with a little more freedom! Sport your shorts, bikinis, skirts, kilts or whatever floats your boat… but no pants!"

Tickets are $60 for 1 person for 1 day and a group of 4 can ski for $99 or one person can ski all four days for $99. When I arrived shortly before 9, I tried to get a group together in parking lot to cut my cost to at most $33, but couldn't find anyone who was not a passholder or already ticketed but found a guy sporting a buddy ticket. I ended up with a better deal as (starting this week) passholders get to bring a buddy for free every day and I found one who needed a buddy in exchange for a small fee.

I loaded Northwest about 9:20. The locals I rode with thought E-facing Slide side was already too soft, but I found it good for some laps, especially Silver Doller, the SE-facing entrance run from the Rose side and Big Bonanza, groomed intermediate run that faces a little more N and where right side was still a little firm on first run, then softer when I got there on second run after trying an earlier ungroomed run at top. Tahoe Zepyhr, further to right/E-facing and ungroomed was OK, but I moved into trees towards bottom for some smooth corn.

The rest of my morning and early afternoon was all Chutes as I took 5 laps both before and after a break at closed except for restrooms Winters Lodge at Slide side base. I started with Jackpot, then did single-diamond Cutthroat the only one open past Jackpot. Both had tricky entrances guarded by large steep cornices. Snow was almost too soft on sunnier left sides while still firm on right. I also skied Nightmare and Hornet's Nest, then got a little too far right entering highest chute El Capitan so I ended up in Saddle where more shaded side was still firm. After a short break a little before noon, I skied Yellow Jacket, then went into and skied El Capitan where very small and very slow moving streams of snow were moving downhill between bumps. Most of them were set off by me, but a couple seemed to have started on their own. I got out of bumpy gut of chute and found better and more stable snow on ridge to right. I also skied and found great snow in Fuse and by entering Jackpot from El Capitan gate.

I took three laps on Northwest 6-pack on the Rose side. Snow was still good, but the flat return to base was getting stickier every time down. I skied Waterfall, then shared lift ride with patrol director who has worked there for 28 years and said his Legacy was convincing owners to open Chutes 13 years ago. I finished my day at 2 after a run down Sunset where long return was only really sticky close to bottom, then skied Bullwhip, the closest run to lift, where snow on face was still very good, but there was no way to get across flat to lodge without poling. I was tempting to take another Chutes lap as senior lady I rode last lift with said she had never been there and wanted to try one, but I was not sure that so late in the day was a good time to try to get to farthest E chute. My drive home from Mt Rose was about 250 miles and I made it in 5 hours, even with a short stop at Kings Beach to look at the lake and fast food and a short nap above Auburn. My watch counted 27 runs and over 27K, but since Chutes laps take 2 chairs including Chuter lift that drops 100 before unloading, I'll say I skied 17 runs and over 26K. (will add some pictures when I have more time)
A lot of people skiing Big Bonanza before 945
Nearly empty at closed except for rest rooms and drinking fountain Slide base at 1135
Slide side parking after a couple of vehicles left
Rose side parking left center, Reno at upper right
A couple of hang gliders were circling and gaining a little altitude and had 5,000' descent to Washoe Valley floor
Taken from Kings Beach on North Shore of Tahoe
There were a couple of pedal boats out. Snow-covered ridge is from Twin Peaks, S of Alpine to Squaw
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