Eldora Gets Agreement to Expand

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Eldora Gets Agreement to Expand

Postby EMSC » Thu Dec 14, 2017 1:22 pm

This agreement took a long time to get finalized. My understanding is it was nearly a done deal last spring when one enviro at the national level went berserk over the agreement the local chapter had hammered out ](*,) .

So no lower lift below the IP lift as was once desired, but instead a lift on the south east side of the mountain with Jolly Jug Trail roughly the skiers left trail for that pod. Not a great ski pod except in late-Dec to late-Feb before the sun starts hammering that side of the hill. Probably fine for average skiers since it will be blue up top and quite low angle down towards the bottom. Hopefully it keeps the tourists away from the good stuff :-P .

The agreement is with enviro's and Boulder County, so still have to get some FS approvals. No idea when it might be in the cards to actually build, but at least things are finally moving forward.

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