Eldora, CO 1-21-18

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Eldora, CO 1-21-18

Postby EMSC » Mon Jan 22, 2018 4:53 pm

$h!^ show of a pow day.

Left home at 6:45a and still ended up in both very slow and stop and go traffic parking only at 8:30a. Yes, that would be 1:45 of driving just to get to Eldora. I have no idea when, but someday the ops team at Eldora will figure out that you cannot park literally one car at a time and still have a good customer experience. They need to send 10 cars here and 10 over there, etc... and park a couple of places at a time. Probably not too long after we parked they filled up all the lots and had to turn everyone else around until close to noon when early birds started leaving. Quite a few not so happy customers from the folks I've talked to that were turned around.

Interestingly, lift lines were significant only on Corona lift at anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes. At least a couple of the steep runs finally opened with this storm. Surprisingly good snow on those trails like West Ridge and good but already starting to get rocky on only the lower part of the steep Salto section. However it was easy to tell that we were skiing 'deeper' layers than just the most recent storm. So as that continues rocks and dirt will begin to show very soon unless storms continue with regular frequency for a while to come. Official number was 9" including during the day, but my take is they either over-reported the 5am report or under-reported the Sunday daytime snowfall (7" 5am report, but my car had 3+ inches on Sunday from only the 8:30-3:30 period)

Otherwise a pretty similar day as the last few for me.

that would be blue window tint; not blue sky. The drag of a commute heading into Ned.

Any early run with Jr before race training. Lots of things to avoid still.

Scenic B-net, lol

West Ridge

West Ridge

A sight Management would like to see more often. A line at Indian Peaks lift. Only line longer than 6-8 chairs that I've ever seen on that lift. And in this case was only there very temporarily in mid-afternoon.
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