Eldora, CO 2-11-18

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Eldora, CO 2-11-18

Postby EMSC » Mon Feb 12, 2018 1:08 pm


Started cold, but quickly warmed to the 20's with a light but brisk breeze. 8" fell Fri night and Saturday keeping things mostly fresh. Still a fair bit of 'bones' to be found, though ever less so and most of them are creating scrapes instead of deep gouges.

Long story is that most of the development team was over at winter Park (I'm only putting Jr in a couple of races his first year) so we skied together all day from 9-ish all the way to past 3p. I let him choose a lot of the runs and he consistently choose many blacks with no grooming, which was a bit of a surprise. He's a bit slowish still on the blacks but getting faster by the week. He just needs lot of miles which was the goal for the day. No time on the real steeps this week, but that's totally OK seeing Jr progress so much.

One of Jr's favorite trails this year is now directly under the 6 pack.


Unfortunately the 2nd heli landing of the season that i have witnessed at Eldora...

I had no idea that Eldora had set up a beacon practice park at the top of Jolly Jug Glade

Scenic lower IP liftline
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