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Eldora, CO 12-1-18

PostPosted: Wed Dec 05, 2018 12:01 pm
Chilly and blustery with flurries.

I had a friend in town who was doing a 'skimo' uphill/downhill race at Eldora on Friday night and Saturday. Seemed like a weird format to me given 3 different events spread over the two days, but I guess that it is what it is... Eldora has been getting scraps of the last series of storms (west winds not favorbale for Eldora) and has had a lot of days with one new inch and for several days in a row at times. Keep the surfaces mostly soft, but not helping to build base or open things. Instead snowmaking is ongoing. On Sat it was Windmill, Klondike (both open under the guns), and Muleshoe top to bottom which takes a lot of days of work to open.

And I have no TR's from over the Thanksgiving break this year (see pic below for why).

dropping that hand is a bad habit

Corona trail is open for a while now

The famous or maybe infamous Sheffy

animation of part of the 3rd ski-mo event: the "Sprint"

Welcome to the Caribbean (Turkey week)

Bahamas specifically (Turkey week)