Front Range Colo Feb 1-3

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Front Range Colo Feb 1-3

Postby EMSC » Fri Feb 15, 2019 4:48 pm

Some decent skiing.

My brother was in town from Pitt for a few days so took a long weekend skiing with him. As a flatlander Ideally we'd of hit Eldora first for his sake, but we had to go there on Sunday for ski race training so instead did a Winter park, then Copper then Eldora itinerary. He arrived just as the frigid weather was subsiding in the mid-west (his flight was one of only two out of 5 daily flights that SW ran between Chicago and Denver that day). He also arrived a couple days after a storm cycle so things were quite soft, but no new pow to ski.

Just he and I on Friday at WP, the whole family on Sat at Copper and then without my wife at Eldora for 3 of us that day. Still hate WP operations. Just about everything they do annoys me operationally frankly. Add that to a horrible lift layout and the only reason I keep going back at all is: shorter time on I70 than Copper and higher snowfall (esp recently). So basically I keep coming back recently in spite of the Winter Park team itself.

Anyway, more info in the picture captions below.

The ridiculously long walk to Vasquez cirque (or you can pay $20 for a 'season' pass to their cat; assuming the thing even runs more than a handful of days the entire season... Curious how many FTO'ers do and don't don't know what the berm is used for?

The cat hauled trailer for the Cirque

Finally on Feb 1, the first day of the entire season in the Cirque (only had first of the two bowls open though - so no Alphabet Chutes which are better)

bit chopped up, but quite nice

Steepest terrain at WP place outside of Alphabet chutes.

Now at Copper in Spaulding Bowl

Closer up action in Patrol Chute/Spaulding

Took the kitty up to Tucker. Hint - bring your avi beacon.

Nothing like hiking at well over 12K feet

Yours truly

Wind affected, but soft top section

Much nicer for the lower 2/3
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Re: Front Range Colo Feb 1-3

Postby EMSC » Fri Feb 15, 2019 4:53 pm

More pics!

Whole family in Union Bowl at Copper

Jr's skills are really coming along

Top of Corona lift at Eldora

Indian Peaks liftline

Then the weather turned after lunch (no real accumulation during the afternoon though)

In Salto Glades
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