Heavenly CA and NV, March 15-16, 2019 and long trip summary

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Heavenly CA and NV, March 15-16, 2019 and long trip summary

Postby tseeb » Thu Mar 21, 2019 10:52 am

Driveway and my family's cabin in South Lake Tahoe, CA
I’d planned to do more skiing at Tahoe, including possibly Northstar, Squaw and Kirkwood, but my delayed arrival in CA meant I only skied Heavenly, which again lived up to its name. The sky was super blue sky (photos from iPhone have only been cropped/re-sized, color was even darker with goggles or sunglasses) and it was starting to warm up, but snow still very good, mostly winter-like and deep. I skied groomed from the top Ellies once before moving to NV where I rode Mott Canyon 7 times, first entering Outer Limits, which was almost corn, using highest gate into Killibrew.
Before trying one of the N-facing Mott chutes, I asked patrolwoman how they were skiing. She said they were in great shape and that if I went to saddle past Rocky Pt. I would find some powder which I did although it's not very visible here.
I also skied the longer leg of the Y (center of next picture), Bill’s (to the right) and Snake Eyes (last two pictures), where cliff is filled in.
After riding Dipper, skiing to and riding Sky, I hiked above trail from CA to NV for the first time this year. I had some great views and turns in windsift above Milky Way Bowl before skiing Pipeline in Killibrew.
It looks like it was kind of windy when this snow ‘fell’ - Monument Peak in background.
At 1, I met up with SSSDave and we did a few laps on bumps under Comet chair and one on upgraded, but still 14 min ride Galaxy where we saw this in the woods. I returned to CA via very S-facing part face to right of Maggie’s Canyon that was getting baked before going into more protected part of area. I skied Advanced Roundabout, The Pistol and lower part of Face/East Bowl before doing one more tram lap where it looked like it was going to beat me down until I hit the groomed part where I quickly past tram that was slowing down. My walk to car was bout 100 steps. My watch counted 22 runs and almost 22.5K vertical.

After skiing, I worked on cabin roof for an hour and a half, uncovering skylights and ice dams on edges that I hope continuing warmer weather will either melt or make fall from roof. Very busy in restaurants and stores on CA side of Stateline. I will ski Heavenly from 830-10, then head home from trip that started on 2/17.

On Saturday, I loaded Gunbarrel chair at 8:25. I could have been a little earlier, but had to return to car when I realized pole-ing towards chair that I had grabbed my wife’s poles. I rode Sky chair 4 times, skiing upper CA runs the first three before taking Milky Way to Nevada to Stagecoach base. From the top of Stagecoach, I skied upper, then main North Bowl which continues to get groomed and mostly go unskied. I rode slow North Bowl chair, then Comet chair chair and skied to CA trail by cutting into wood off 49er trail. Instead of taking probably re-frozen S and W facing Maggie’s Canyon, I wrapped around knoll between there and Sky Deck, traversing about reservoir to get to a little of Maggie’s, then Stein’s Way. On my way there, I nearly was thrown into a tree when I was trying to look ahead and around corner to see if there was a creek to cross and buried a sky in deep snow before losing both of them.

After riding Groove chair, I skied to Tram base via Advanced Roundabout, The Pistol (very good winter-like snow along more shaded left side) and groomed lower part of Face/East Bowl. Ski Tracks said I was out just over 2 hours, skied 6 runs/11.5K vertical and hit 50.5 mph (which is possible as I could not find top end of the DPS Cassiars I was skiing fast early on Sky Chair and on empty North Bowl). My watch counted 10 runs and 12.1K. EpicMiss said I rode 3 lifts for 3,250 vertical. On Friday, EpicMiss said I rode 3 lifts for 3,260 vertical. My season vertical is 1.01M, the earliest ever over 1M.

I’ll put a short trip summary here as I’m not sure when I’ll have time to write more reports.
Miles driven: 3,937 Fuel used: 204.5 gallons Mpg: 19.3 (lower than usual, some from high speeds)
Saw fuel for $1.99 at Evanston and it was $1.94 at Costco SLC, but went up to $2.09 by time I bought
Most expensive fuel: Tank in Canmore, AB at C$1.09/l=C$81.50=US$62+ also paid $1.29/l in Revy, BC
Ski days: 26 Ski days with substantial powder: 18 New ski areas visited: 0
Days on Tahoe Local Pass: 3 1/2 (Two@Heavenly, one@Park City and was able to get 1/2 price for me and buddy ticket for Tony Crocker at Stevens even though a couple of employee said I had no benefit)
Days on Ikon Pass: 17 (Crystal 2, Revy 1, Big Sky 3, Jackson 3, Deer Valley 1, Altabird 5, Brighton 2)
Days not on pass: 2 (Ashland 1/2 day holiday - $45 + $6 snow park, Apex US$67.82)
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Re: Heavenly CA and NV, March 15-16, 2019 and long trip summ

Postby tseeb » Thu Mar 21, 2019 4:16 pm

Added missing pictures that were referenced in text above, but put me over picture limit.
We were not that close to Area 51 although in the same state
7336AlienBlob - Copy.JPG
South-facing to right of Maggie's Canyon got baked in hot PM sun
My helmet left the mark in snow under branch way too close to tree
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