Breckenridge, CO 11/03/00

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Breckenridge, CO 11/03/00

Postby Bob Berwyn » Sun Nov 05, 2000 9:03 pm

Breckenridge opened the Beaver Run Super Chair Friday, serving some easy intermediate terrain on Peak 9’s Upper Columbia and Lower Sundown runs, stretching about 9,000 feet. The surface ranged from chalky man-made hardpack to little skiffs of natural powder along the shady edge of the trail – better conditions by far than the previous two seasons, when warm, dry skies prevailed through November and even into December. <BR> <BR>But some skiers grumbled about the frequent lift stoppages. During one trip up, the chair halted five times, and at least two or three unscheduled stops were the norm during each ride. <BR> <BR><IMG SRC="" ALT="A lone snowboarder flys down Breckenridge on opening day - Friday, November">
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