Alta, UT 12/10/00

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Alta, UT 12/10/00

Postby Admin » Mon Dec 11, 2000 5:53 pm

The ground was dry as we left Midvale/Sandy. It started to sort of rain as we got to the mouth of Little Cottonwood Canyon. By Snowbird it was snowing pretty good. Once at Alta headed up Wildcat & over to Germania. Took a few runs there. Ballroom wasn't open - avalanche danger. The groomed had lots of new powder already. Skied over to Sugarloaf & it was building up fast. Diane & I headed to Supreme & Anita stayed on Sugarloaf. First run off Supreme was Big Dipper. It was DEEP! Dropped in, took one turn & next thing I knew I was down & looking uphill! That was fast! I didn't even know I was falling. Diane had to help dig out one ski (with me still attached). Once I go it all together we skied on down & loved it. Took the Three Bears down from there - that was pretty deep also. Came back up Supreme & dropped in off the traverse farther along from Big Dipper. Pretty nice. Was heading to Rock N Roll, but it was closed -avalanche danger. Skied down past Three Bears & headed into a wide Bears tree shot. Not pretty (me, that is) but lots of fun. <BR> <BR>After lunch we headed up Sugarloaf to take the traverse back to Germania - oops, closed, avalanche danger. Skied around the Sugarbush area for a while & headed down to take the tow back over to Wildcat. By then I was beat - Anita quit with me & Diane took one more. When we got to the car, there was about 15" around it. Headed up to a few shops (of, course) and parked in a spot with really deep snow, at least 18, I'd say. Good thing the Bimmer was still down in Sandy. We headed down the Canyon. The Hellgate gate was down - the road hadn't been plowed. Took the Alta Bypass. The road down was pretty tricky - many uphill vans were slowly progressing, nearly sideways.

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