Stevens Pass, WA 1/30/02

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Stevens Pass, WA 1/30/02

Postby Anonymous » Fri Feb 01, 2002 5:44 pm

Decided to head over to Stevens Pass, based on a friend's description. <BR> <BR>Stevens was reporting 3" of new snow. They sure don't use the same measuring tool as Jay Peak! I would have called it 8", and I'm sure Jay would have reported 10+". On top of 28" from a few days earlier, another fine day ensued. <BR> <BR>Started the day on the Mill Creek side, which is a large bowl, bounded on one side by 3 sets of massive power lines. Complete with insulators sizzing and arcing. This bowl has a few cut runs, but is mostly gladed. Very nicely gladed. The runs were nice and long, with lots of steep stuff mixed in. <BR> <BR>And lots of snow. Minimal effort uncovered long lines that had been untouched for days. The snow was quite a bit lighter than in the Snoqualmie backcountry, so face shots were on the menu. I stayed in this area all morning, reluctantly heading back over the ridge to have lunch. <BR> <BR>After lunch, it was time to sample other parts of the mountain. Went up to the 7th Heaven lift, a short little double that accesses a bunch of expert-only runs. The powder was even deeper here. Again, long untouched lines that at times were waist deep. But you do have to pay attention; I got cliffed-out a couple of times. <BR> <BR>Finished the day with a couple more laps on the Mill Creek side, then back to Seattle to finish the business trip and head back to NH. Just in time spend Friday earning turns in the back 40 and local defunct ski hill.

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