Eldora, CO 1/27/02

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Eldora, CO 1/27/02

Postby Anonymous » Mon Feb 04, 2002 7:05 pm

Friend Nick is living proof that it's the skier not the ski. There are cruisers at Eldora too but at least they are steeper. The skiers were mostly locals with lots of race team kids. Skier ability and courtesy much better than at Breck. Eldora is a nice hill of about 1500 vertical feet but it skis bigger than that. We sampled it all. Against the far area boundary is a steep lightly treed bowl that much reminded us of MRG. There are some glades and some narrow fall line runs mixed in with the cruisers. Glades weren't ready; they needed more snow and what was there was variable and tricky. We took some short excusions in all of them. On one run we stone ground our bases pretty good. I decided to pass on another one of those since I was on the new CMH fats. Nick said he wanted another because, "I like bad stuff." This sparked a nostalgic discussion of how under rated VT woods are. Here there are no waterfalls, no ledges draped with clear ice, no stream beds, no mixed forest with half a dozen hardwoods + conifers at tight spacing. It is all just spruce or just aspen, evenly spaced with just snow. No character. Colo below the timberline just doesn't compare with VT, neither the cookie cutter on-the-map trails, nor the off-piste.

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