Wolf Creek, CO 2/24/02

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Wolf Creek, CO 2/24/02

Postby Anonymous » Sun Feb 24, 2002 11:34 pm

Sunday we headed up to Wolf Creek in southern Colorado. Wolf Creek is a fun place. Empty. It is basically one big glade, steep up top, flat on the lower half, with about three definitive trails. <BR> <BR>Thrice we took the staircase to the Knife-edge traverse. Amazing views. We skied the second skiable line down the ridge, which is actually quite far down along the ridge (Wolf Creek is a short but BROAD area). Steep. First run I tentatively went off the side of a ledge. Second run, I straight-lined it, straight off, dropping a solid twenty feet. Nice open, soft landing. Phatties rule. Jon and a fellow we ran into several times on the ridge both tried it after I had stuck the landing. Both skiing phar skinnier skis (Stormrider IIs and 4x4s) were unable to stick it. Phatties rule. Third run skied far right side. Untracked. Deep. <BR> <BR>Waterfall and the glades below Two Balls (the line off the ridge that we skied, except it is in Spanish on the map, sorry kids) were all fun areas, but needed more snow. I really had to hunt and peck for phreshies.

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