A-Basin & Loveland Ski Areas, 11/21/2002

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A-Basin & Loveland Ski Areas, 11/21/2002

Postby Matt Duffy » Thu Nov 21, 2002 4:52 pm

This morning I chased my long tall shadow down the wide open groomed slopes at A-Basin. The trails were empty and it was my first time out on my midfats this year, so early on I ran them wide open down the sun bathed slopes into shadows and back out again. Those edges were grooving. So very soothing. But the speed was like lightning, almost frightening. Having had enough tears jerked away, I made a trip into some low angle bobsled trees in Sebulba fashion, then walked away. <BR> <BR>At about noon, I was on my way over to Loveland Basin, where I would finish myself off. I eyed the steeps under chair 1, Cat's Meow and something else, Avalanche Bowl, I think. The snow was chewed up, but soft and loose. The type of stuff that generates a flow of rolling snow particles out in front while chunks and bits come tumbling down onto the back of my head. Some of it got down my shirt and it felt good, really. <BR> <BR>It seemed like such a long run and when I was most of the way down, I was feeling a bit scorched. Muscles tired and sucking thin air, I thought it was a good time to hang 'em up for the day and sit at the bar for a few minutes, squint out the window and watch a few people come down the hill. My pint was still half full when I got up and left. I thought I'd leave it that way, as my head was in a cloud, and anyway it just seemed fitting.
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