Alta, UT 3/29/09

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Alta, UT 3/29/09

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Day 51: Better as the day wore on

I awoke and looked out the window -- not snowing yet. I suggested to Mira and Sima that they head up and I'd catch up with them later. By 9 or 10 am the front arrived at the house and it started snowing in earnest. I let it pile up as I got some stuff done around the house. By late morning, though, it was time to start getting dressed.

The drive up LCC Road was brutal, but I finally pulled into the Wildcat lot and booted up. I tried to raise Mira and Sima on the phone but couldn't. I waited at the bottom of Collins for a while but then had a hunch, and boarded the lift. After rolling through the angle station I struggled to quickly scan the skis sitting outside of Watson Shelter. Sure enough, the expected two pair of Volkl Mantras were in the rack.

I sped off down Mambo, trying to hurry in case they headed out, but the wind and snow dropped visibility to next to nil. No worries, though, for the soft snow was dependable, and I could ski it by braille. Hooking up with our two guests, we concluded that Wildcat would be the best for visibility, and we spent the rest of the afternoon simply lapping Wildcat over and over and over again, linking different combinations to keep it fresh. It simply kept getting better and better, boot top by the end of the day. Although the storm appeared to be winding down I predicted a second wave would hit overnight on the northwesterly flow across the lake, and sure enough, by Monday morning they were reporting up to 28" in upper LCC.

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