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Resort and backcountry skiing and snowboarding in midwestern US and Canada, including our famous reader-submitted No-Bull Snow Reports.
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Kendall Hills Ohio- on Christmas

Wed Dec 25, 2002 9:26 pm

Well, not really worthy of a post considering I usually watch the Northeast board, but.... We actually had upwards of 8" of snow. Took the kids over to Cuyahoga Valley National Park (yes park but it doesn't really push Yelowstone). We "earned" our tracks on the hills- probably 100+ feet of vertical. I took my xc skis and managed 1 almost telemark but crashed on my next. Then did a nice 3 mile loop- hit very few rocks. <BR>The kids took their snowboards and whined a bit about having to walk up the hills but they really did quite well turning on unpacked snow. My son was hitting 2 jumps and able to get up enough speed to do a 180 off of one of them. Not bad for Ohio, eh? <BR>Merry Christmas!
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